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This list of Auckland Fenced Playgrounds is organised alphabetically by Local Board, and then alphabetically by playground name/location. Where possible, I have included comments from the parent or parents who nominated the playground. In some cases a Kiwi Play Safe comment is also provided.

If you have any photos of the playgrounds mentioned below and would be happy for me to use them, please send them to me. And please contact me if I have missed a Fenced Playground, or if you feel that the information below is inaccurate in any way.

Please note that this list only includes playgrounds that are free, and open to the public. It does not include playgrounds provided to customers of cafes or restaurants.


Devonport Plunket Rooms playground

3 Wairoa Road, Devonport

Date added: 21/01/17

Kiwi Play Safe comment: This playground is connected to the Devonport Plunket Rooms, but is open to the public (the Rooms are available to rent for children’s parties). There is a playground for young children, and a grassed area, and the space is fully fenced.

Lake Town Green

Corner of Jutland Road and Sydney Street, Hauraki


Date added: 21/01/17

Parents’ comments:

“Fully fenced. Some shade which is another things that gets annoying!”

“The park on Jutland Rd is an awesome playground for toddlers and is fully fenced, but there are no toilets anywhere close!”

“The one at Hauraki Corner was done thanks to a community fund and the bequest of a resident who passed. That’s also why they have shade. Such a beautiful park.”

“An awesome playground for toddlers and fully fenced.”

“It’s considered a toddler playground, however, one of the best in my opinion, and my 7 year old loves it, there’s a scooter/bike track, sandpit, swings, basket swing, fully shade sailed, and fenced, nice and new too!”

Kiwi Play Safe comment: This playground was a huge favourite of ours when our children were toddlers!

Nile Rd playground

Corner of Nile Road and Belmont Terrace, Milford


Date added: 21/01/17

Parent’s comment: “Quite small, but we had fun there for a good while. Fencing excellent. But the slide was scorchingly hot. Some shade provided by the tree. Big slide, 2 swings, see saw, climbing wall.”

Kiwi Play Safe comment: Fencing provided around the play equipment only.

Seine Reserve playground

Corner of Seine Road and Tiber Road, Milford


Date added: 21/01/17

Playground Safari: Read all about our visit to Seine Reserve here.

Parent’s comment: “I decided Seine looked too stressful for me today so went to the Nile Rd one. I’m sure my boys would be over the fence in a flash. Also, is it actually fenced the whole way round? Looks like it backs onto someone’s garden at the back?”

Kiwi Play Safe comment: This small Reserve is fully fenced (if you include the boundary fences of the private properties that border the sides of it), and contains a playground, but – as per the Playground Safari notes – my children figured out how to open the gate very easily. Parents should note that dogs are exercised off-leash on this space, without fencing separating dogs from the play equipment. However, it provides a space to play that protects children from passing traffic.


Korero Café playground

474 Swanson Road, Ranui

Date added: 23/02/17

Parent’s comment: “Korero Cafe in Ranui is a not for profit cafe that aims to reach a living wage & gives back to the community – they have a fully fenced playground at their cafe with a deck to overlook. It’s open when the playgroup isn’t on during the week.”

Kiwi Play Safe comment: It is so wonderful to finally hear about a fenced playground in the Henderson-Massey Local Board area! Please note the comment above about the playground being available only when playgroups aren’t being held. The playgroup days and times are Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 9am – 11.30am.

Hibiscus and Bays

AUT Millennium playground

17 Antares Place (off Apollo Drive), Mairangi Bay


Date added: 22/01/17

Parent’s comment: “There is a fenced playground at the AUT millennium centre in Rosedale. It is quite small as it’s designed as a play area for centre users. It also has a shade sail and there are cafes including subway and toilets inside the centre.”

Kiwi Play Safe comment: This is a great little playground that only contains the play equipment within the fencing, but provided my children with lots of fun – and you can often watch athletes training on the track next door!

Botanical Drive playground

Botanical Drive, Millwater

Date added: 21/01/17

Parents’ comments:

“Fenced playground, quite good but no shade.”

“Fantastic because you can let them run around… but, no toilet.”

“Fenced – I travel for 45mins to get a fully fenced playground!”

Mairangi Bay Village Green

Sidmouth Street, Mairangi Bay


Date added: 21/01/17

Parents’ comments:

“Big, lots of trees for shade, fully fenced (high fences).”

“When my twins were little I’d sometimes drive from the city to Mairangi Bay just because there was a decent fenced playground there.”

Kiwi Play Safe comment: This playground is hugely popular in the East Coast Bays, and is very well used. It contains a good selection of play equipment, and grassed space, trees, and bushes, which provides plenty of opportunities for free play. There are public toilets across the road, a free car park next door, several cafes within a short walking distance, and the beach a very short walk away.

Windsor Park Baptist Church playground

550 East Coast Road, Mairangi Bay

Windsor Park playground.jpg

Date added: 22/01/17

Kiwi Play Safe comment: I was in two minds about including this one, as it is connected to CafeWindsor (and I wasn’t intending to include cafe playgrounds). I made an exception here because the playground is accessible even when the cafe is shut. And the cafe is a hugely popular place for parents of young children to meet for coffee, so if you haven’t checked it out, you should do so! However, please also bear in mind this recent parent comment: “I went to Windsor cafe (east coast bay Rd) today and while it’s great that it is fenced – everyone raves about it, my 2 year old can now easily scale the fence. So if you have a climber keep this in mind.”


Blyton Lane Reserve playground

Blyton Lane, Pakuranga

Date added: 21/01/17

Parent’s comment: “Not much shade, but fenced”

Eastern Beach playground

The Esplanade, Eastern Beach

Date added: 21/01/17

Parents’ comments:

“Fully fenced – we use it a lot as a meet up with friends with small children.”

“Nice and safe fenced playground, with sea view and toilets.”

“Fenced. It also has public toilets and a big grass area to run around and kick a ball, plus picnic tables and is just across the road from the beach! It is also right next to the bus stop.”

“I was also going to suggest this playground. I love taking my kids there as I can relax more while they play.”

“It’s the place of choice for my mum friends group, although it’s a little out of the way, it’s well worth the trip so we can actually chat.”

Nixon Centennial Park playground

Selwyn Road, Howick

Date added: 21/01/17

Kiwi Play Safe comment: Fencing provided around the play equipment only.

Pandora Place playground

Pandora Place, Pakuranga

Date added: 21/01/17

Kiwi Play Safe comment: Fencing provided around the play equipment only.


Windy Ridge Reserve playground

Corner of Valley View Road and Windy Ridge Road, Glenfield


Date added: 22/01/17

Playground Safari: Read all about our visit to Windy Ridge Reserve here.

Kiwi Play Safe comment: Fencing provided around the play equipment only.


Wattle Farm Reserve playground

Wattle Farm Road, Wattle Downs

Date added: 21/01/17

Kiwi Play Safe comment: Fencing provided around the play equipment only.


Panmure Basin playground

Ireland Road, Mt Wellington

Date added: 21/01/17

Kiwi Play Safe comment: I’ve received this additional comment from a parent: “I found the Pamure Basin one a bit hazardous (my son had figured out how to get out of the fence within about 5 mins by climbing on a seat and over and was in the water of the basin).” Further parental opinions about the security of this playground would be welcomed!


Madills Farm Recreational Reserve playground

Corner of Baddeley Avenue and Allum Street, Kohimarama

Date added: 21/01/17

Parents’ comments:

“Fenced and an awesome playground that has just been completely redone.”

“Recently had a big makeover and is fully fenced, great park.”

“New, fully fenced”

“Well fenced and has a really good range of equipment for lots of ages.”

“I was about to say Madills Farm is good.”

“Madills Farm has an amazing playground!”

“Fully fenced and was really good for toddlers. I could pretty much leave my 2.5 yr old to run around while I stayed with his younger brother. They have recently completed an upgrade which now incorporates more for older kids – which means less safe for toddlers from equipment and also from older kids. They almost need separate spaces designed for the diff age groups.”

Michaels Avenue Reserve playground

Michaels Avenue, Ellerslie

Date added: 21/01/17

Roberta Reserve playground

Roberta Avenue, Glendowie

Date added: 21/01/17

Parents’ comments:

“Fully fenced, although there is an unfenced stream outside.”

“Fully fenced, but water nearby”

“Fully fenced, we love it.”

“Fully fenced and with a loo.”

“This one has a lovely walk you can do to the sandspit too.”

Kiwi Play Safe comment: This playground has been included as a Fenced Playground because it was nominated several times. However, please also note another parent’s perspective: “Although it is fenced, it’s a low fence and my then 2 year old could get over it so not that safe.”


Kohuora Park playground

Lendenfeld Drive, Papatoetoe

Date added: 21/01/17

Kiwi Play Safe comment: Fencing provided around the play equipment only.


Central Park playground

614 Great South Road, Papakura

Date added: 21/01/17

Parent’s comment: “Fully fenced and by public toilets.”

Massey Park playground

Marne Road, Papakura

Date added: 21/01/17

Parent’s comment: “Fully fenced, however can have youths hanging around.”


Warkworth Playground

Off Baxter Street, Warkworth


Date added: 21/01/17

Playground Safari: Read all about our visit to Warkworth Playground here.

Parents’ comments:

“Fenced playground down by the river next to the library. It’s by a river and has three retaining wall level play areas.”

“I really like this one – fully fenced by the water, definitely a fav little stop, right by the water so you can safely watch the boats comes in and out without stress.”

Upper Harbour

Gleanor Avenue playground

Corner of Nimstedt Avenue and Gleanor Avenue (just off Oteha Valley Road), Fairview Heights


Date added: 21/01/17

Parent’s comment: “It’s brilliant and there’s a park kids can run on (unfenced).”

Kiwi Play Safe comment: This is a great little local playground, and my kids enjoyed it when we visited briefly, but it’s a shame that the fencing couldn’t be extended beyond the area immediately surrounding the play equipment – there is a lot of space on the neighbouring park, so it would have been good to incorporate more grassed space in the fenced area, to enable free play activities.

Meadowood Community House playground

55 Meadowood Drive, Unsworth Heights

Date added: 21/01/17

Kiwi Play Safe comment: There’s a small fenced playground at the back of Meadowood Community House. It’s suitable for one – three year olds, and it is available for public use whenever playgroups held at the Community House are not being held (it is free most weekends, unless a birthday party is booked on the venue).

Waitākere Ranges

Prospect Park playground

Pisces Road, Glen Eden

Date added: 21/01/17

Parent’s comment: “There is a fenced play area for toddlers, which is open to the public to use when Glen Eden Community House does not have their playcentre on, but the main playground is not fenced.”


Craigavon Park playground

Corner of Portage Road and Connaught Road, Blockhouse Bay

Date added: 21/01/17

Parents’ comments:

“We took our twins there when little for the fact that it was fenced.”

“Fenced play ground as it’s also an off leash dog park!”

“Good too as it’s a large off leash dog park as well, so means they all have their own areas!”

Kiwi Play Safe comment: Please also note this opinion from another parent: “Craigavon Park might be fully fenced, but my 2 year old can easily open the gate… not ideal!”

Miranda Reserve playground

Blockhouse Bay Road, Blockhouse Bay

Date added: 21/01/17

Kiwi Play Safe comment: Fencing provided around the play equipment only.

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