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This list of Auckland Partially Fenced Playgrounds is organised alphabetically by Local Board, and then alphabetically by playground name/location. Where possible, I have included comments from the parent or parents who nominated the playground. In some cases a Kiwi Play Safe comment is also provided.

If you have any photos of the playgrounds mentioned below and would be happy for me to use them, please send them to me. And please contact me if I have missed a Partially Fenced Playground, or if you feel that the information below is inaccurate in any way.

I get quite frustrated by Partially Fenced Playgrounds – they’re almost safe, but not quite. I’m not sure of the rationale behind fencing a playground in this manner, and I look forward to finding out!


Potters Park playground

Corner of Dominion Road and Balmoral Road, Mount Eden


Date added: 28/01/17

Parents’ comments:

“It’s not fully fenced and they are still working on demolishing the old playground equipment. The big play structure (see photo) is better for slightly older kids but there are tunnels etc in the hill.”

“There is some fencing going up behind the construction which shields the main part of the park where the splash pad & playground are from the busy rd, but the rest of the park to the left and right is not fenced.”

“I have 2.5 yr old boys and they found plenty to play on – mini slides and hills to climb, basket swings and see-saws, balance beams and a few other things. Also the splash pad has different parts to cater for the older & younger kids.”

“I have visited it recently with two five year olds and a four year old and it was great for this age group. It needs some shade cloths and better fencing as it is close to two very busy and dangerous roads. However, it is thankfully further set back from the roads than the old playground which is a significant improvement for those with bolters.”

Kiwi Play Safe comment: Apparently this playground is fenced along Balmoral Road, but not along Dominion Road.

Rocket Park playground

New N Road, Mt Eden

Date added: 22/01/17

Parents’ comments:

“Partially fenced – it would be awesome if they could fence the whole place.”

“On a busy intersection and is fenced on both sides towards the road.”

“Only partially fenced”

“On a busy road and is semi-fenced.”

“As long as people close the gate!”

“Pretty sure that is fenced.”

“It was partially fenced last time I went and right next to the busiest road ever!”

“Hugely popular with younger kids and is 75% fenced. It’s beyond me why they didn’t fence the whole thing! It’s next to a busy road and carpark.”

“Not fully fenced and borders onto a busy road.”

“Half fenced… neat playground.”

Walker Park playground

Neville Street, Point Chevalier

Date added: 22/01/17

Parent’s comment: “There is a little park that is fenced – not completely – but great for toddlers.”


Devonport Domain playground

Kind Edward Parade, Devonport

Date added: 22/01/17

Kiwi Play Safe comment: This playground is fenced and gated on the side fronting King Edward Parade. However, it is open to the rest of the Domain.

Rose Garden playground

Corner of Anzac Street and Lake Road, Takapuna


Date added: 22/01/17

Parent’s comment: “Is partially fenced but on such busy road I wish they would fence it… plus totally not enough swings.

Kiwi Play Safe comment: We visit this playground whenever we’re in Takapuna with the children. It is frustrating because the side of the playground facing the car park is fenced (but not gated), but the side facing busy Anzac Street is totally unfenced, and the play equipment is no more than 30m from the street – an easy distance for a young child to cover. It’s difficult to understand why the presence of this street in close proximity to a playground that is clearly designed for very young children has not been fenced.

Hibiscus and Bays

Brunton Park playground

W. Hoe Road, Orewa

Date added: 23/01/17

Parent’s comment: “The beauty of this park is that its (rudimentary) play area is at the centre of lots of grass and trees, which is almost enclosed by a circle of houses… there are four walkways, one to Orewa Main Road, one to Riverside Road (loads of school traffic), and the other two to side streets. I think because the kids can’t see the roads they’re not tempted, and I can see them clearly cross grass heading for the roads, so I can relax knowing I’m not going to miss an escape.”

Campbells Bay Beach playground

Huntly Road, Campbells Bay

Auckland Partially Fenced image.jpg

Date added: 23/01/17

Kiwi Play Safe comment: This playground is lots of fun – my kids love playgrounds near beaches – but it is close to a stream, and the play equipment is right next to the car park. There’s a low fence separating the playground from the banks of the stream, but it isn’t gated, and the fence doesn’t extend around the rest of the playground.


Howick Domain playground

Corner of Moore Street and Howe Street, Howick

Date added: 22/01/17

Parent’s comment: “Partially fenced playground at busy intersection, never feel myself safe and relaxed there.”

Lloyd Elsmore Park playground

Sir Lloyd Drive, Pakuranga

Date added: 22/01/17

Parents’ comments:

“Doesn’t have a closed gate (unless they have changed since I last went) it’s a ‘s’ shape entrance. Rest fully fenced though. Something to be mindful of.”

“Just to confirm that this playground has an S shaped entrance, but definitely no gate (I was there yesterday as it happens, wondering why on earth they don’t put a gate there because it would be simple to add.”

Kiwi Play Safe comment: This playground was initially on the Auckland Fenced Playground page, with the parent comment: “The playground by the pools is fully fenced and a fav of ours.” However, in light of the additional information above, it’s been ‘downgraded’ to a Partially Fenced Playground. If the Local Board adds a suitable gate we can upgrade our rating of this playground!

Sir Barry Curtis Park playground

Stancombe Road, Orimston

Date added: 22/01/17

Parent’s comment: “Not fully fenced, children can’t get to road but hard to watch them as they can get into duck shooting hideouts (pretend!). And super high climbing ladders…”

Snakes and Ladders Park 

Bramley Drive, Farm Cove

Date added: 22/01/17

Parents’ comments:

“Is fenced on 3 sides so while not fully fenced it does a great job of stopping kids run into the road.”

“Snakes and ladders is great, least you can patrol the bottom for your kids as they make a dash to the sea across the walkway.”

“Second this, over summer we go here weekly.”


St Heliers Beachfront playground

Tamara Drive, St Heliers

Date added: 22/01/17

Parents’ comments:

“Is partially fenced but very close to a busy road and the water. The entrance does not have a gate which is very close to the road (easy to escape) and the water side and far side of the public toilet is not fenced… Still awesome but you have to bring you’re a game to watch two or another pair of hands!”

“Photo taken standing on the edge of the playground. There is a wall to get down to the water… not to mention a massive storm water drain also close by.”


“Only a fence along the road, not fully enclosed (so still open on beach side and walkway).”


Allenby Road Park playground

Allenby Road, Papatoetoe

Date added: 22/01/17

Parents’ comments:

“Has just had their playground re-done and it’s awsome but has only even been just partly fenced on the roadside, and being situated so close to a busy road that part fence may as well not even be there.”

“Isn’t fenced. It’s a skate park and playground and just a big area of grass. My kids love this park. It’s on a side road but backs onto a busy road (Great South Road).”

Upper Harbour

Meadowood Community House playground

Corner of Meadowood Drive and Caribbean Drive, Unsworth Heights

Meadowood playground.JPG

Date added: 22/01/17

Parent’s comment: “Almost fully fenced: there is a parking lot for the community centre and no fencing across parking lot entrance but otherwise good.”

Kiwi Play Safe comment: This is a fun playground, but when there are events on at the Community House the car park can get very busy!


Cox’s Bay Reserve playground

West End Road, Westmere

Date added: 22/01/17

Parent’s comment: “Used to be… and now it has a fence… but no gate, so not sure if that counts… could be worth asking council why they changed from being fenced with gate to taking the gate away?”

Gladstone Park playground

Gladstone Road, Parnell

Date added: 22/01/17

Parent’s comment: “Fenced/gated for most of it, but not on one side leading to a less busy road.”

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