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This list of Wellington Partially Fenced Playgrounds is organised by alphabetically by local council, and then alphabetically by playground name/location. Where possible, I have included comments from the parent or parents who nominated the playground.

I have no photos of these Wellington playgrounds! If you have any photos of the playgrounds mentioned below and would be happy for me to use them, please send them to me. And please contact me if I have missed a Partially Fenced Playground, or if you feel that the information below is inaccurate in any way.

Wellington City Council

Lyall Bay Play Area

Lyall Parade, Lyall Bay

Date added: 22/01/17

Parent’s comment: “Partially fenced but gate often left open and the ocean facing side unfenced.”

Vogeltown playground

Krull Street, Vogeltown

Date added: 22/01/17

Parent’s comment: “There is one that has a full fence one side, steep hill on another, and then the side by the road has a really low railing (below knee heigh) with a big wide open gate area right out on to a fast road – alarming!”

Kiwi Play Safe comment: This one should probably be on the Playgrounds of Concern list!

Warwick Street Play Area

Warwick Street, Wilton

Date added: 22/01/17

Parent’s comment: “In Wellington, The Warwick Street Play Area is partially fenced. The fence surrounds most of the park, with bush surrounding another substantial amount. The only parts open are the entrances. There are no gates, and one opening leads to a set of stairs, but with only three entrances, it’s pretty good. The play area includes a good assortment of equipment from baby swings to a climbing wall and has a separate area for older children. There is also a basketball hoop.”

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