I am very proud and happy to announce that Multiples NZ has officially endorsed Kiwi Play Safe!

Ainslee Jacobson, the President of Multiples NZ, has written the following message of support:

Multiples NZ, a national organisation representing over 1500 families with twins, triplets and more in New Zealand, is fully behind the Kiwi Play Safe project.

Multiples NZ wants families with multiples to have the same opportunities as other families. Fenced playgrounds would mean that our families can go to a playground on their own with their children, that they can give each child one-on-one attention and that their children are only going to be exposed to mitigated, managed risks.

Fully fenced playgrounds give our families the confidence to get out into their local community safe in the knowledge that they don’t have to rely solely on their own senses to keep their children safe from harm. Having the ability to choose to play locally can only help to build a strong support community.

Multiples NZ has a long track record for lobbying and campaigning on behalf of families with multiples in New Zealand. As a parent of twins, I am so glad to be able to represent the interests of the multiples community through my work for Kiwi Play Safe.

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