Kiwi Play Safe

Safer play spaces for little Kiwis


My name is Jacquelyn Collins and I have created the Kiwi Play Safe project with one aim: to increase the number of fenced playgrounds for New Zealand’s toddlers and preschoolers, and for other children or families who may find it difficult to utilise unfenced public play spaces.

I am a mother of four year old twins, both of whom are hugely entertaining and energetic. I am also a third year Urban Planning student at the University of Auckland, with a keen interest in how to develop public spaces that encourage community cohesion. Before returning to New Zealand and having children I worked in the UK for nearly 14 years, and specialised in the later years in corporate social responsibility, community engagement, and corporate-charity partnerships.

I believe that fenced playgrounds provide young children, in particular, with increased opportunities to take chances and play imaginatively in a safe environment, without their parents or caregivers feeling like they must hover over them to keep them safe from road traffic or other hazards. And fenced playgrounds serve as high quality public space, drawing in local families and enabling casual encounters between neighbours, as well as giving friends and families with young children destinations for play. Everybody has a great time at a good fenced playground!

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