Kiwi Play Safe

Better playgrounds for Kiwi kids


Kiwi Play Safe is a campaign to fight for more shade and fencing at New Zealand playgrounds, to ensure that they meet the needs of Kiwi families. It is led by Maria Foy (left) and Jacquelyn Collins (right), representing the voices of thousands of parents throughout the country.

Jacquelyn is a mother of five year old twins who combines family life with study towards a BA(Hons) in Urban Planning at the University of Auckland. She hopes to specialise in public space design to encourage community cohesion, with an emphasis on play spaces for people of all ages. She started Kiwi Play Safe in 2016 to promote the need for more fenced playgrounds, particularly to provide safe play spaces for younger children. She believes that fenced playgrounds serve as high quality public space, drawing in local families and enabling casual encounters between neighbours, as well as giving friends and families with young children destinations for play.

Maria is New Zealand’s leading blogger. Her award-winning website Happy Mum Happy Child is loved by parents around the world, and provides practical and emotional guidance and support. She is also a mother of two young children, and a passionate advocate for playgrounds that provide sun protection. In 2016 Maria launched a petition calling for more shade in playgrounds, which you can sign here.

Maria and Jacquelyn joined forces in early 2018, turning Kiwi Play Safe into a campaign for better playgrounds for all Kiwi kids. Together they will continue to promote the value of fencing and shade at playgrounds around the country, working with parents, the media, councils, and other relevant people and organisations to improve local play spaces. Follow their progress and join the conversation on the Kiwi Play Safe Facebook page.