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Fenced Playgrounds

This page collates several Fenced Playground lists, organised on a geographical basis:

Kiwi Play Safe has not visited all of the Fenced Playgrounds. In many cases quotes about specific playgrounds have been provided by the parents who have nominated them, and any relevant personal opinion by Kiwi Play Safe is noted as such.

Please also note that the Fenced Playgrounds might not be the most exciting places you and your children have ever visited. The Fenced Playground list is not an endorsement of the quality of the playground itself, or of its equipment. A Fenced Playground is simply one that is fully and securely fenced, to the best of Kiwi Play Safe’s knowledge.

‘Fully and securely fenced’ means a fence that cannot be climbed by a typical toddler or preschooler, and with gates that close securely and cannot typically be opened by young children without adult assistance.

Although Fenced Playgrounds might be reasonably expected to provide a safe and secure play space, Kiwi Play Safe accepts no liability for playgrounds on these lists that do not live up to expectations. If you visit a Fenced Playground and discover that the fencing is damaged or no longer secure, please alert the relevant council and ask them to remedy it. And please contact Kiwi Play Safe, so the playground’s details can be edited accordingly.

Finally, please remember that caregivers who take their children to Fenced Playgrounds must still provide suitable care and supervision at all times.

If you would like to nominate a Fenced Playground that has been omitted, please contact Kiwi Play Safe with the relevant details (specific location; why you believe the playground should be included, etc).

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