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Playgrounds of Concern

This page collates several Playgrounds of Concern lists, organised on a geographical basis:

Playgrounds of Concern have been nominated by parents who believe that these playgrounds are located near what they regard as potential hazards to the safety of young children. All unfenced playgrounds should not necessarily be regarded as Playgrounds of Concern: there may not be any potential hazards nearby.

Kiwi Play Safe has not visited all of the Playgrounds of Concern. In many cases quotes about specific playgrounds have been provided by the parents who have nominated them, and any relevant personal opinion by Kiwi Play Safe is noted as such.

Playgrounds that are intended primarily for use by older children are unlikely to qualify as Playgrounds of Concern. Kiwi Play Safe is concerned solely with playgrounds that are intended for use by toddlers and preschoolers. Clues that a playground is intended for younger children includes: the presence of baby swings; the presence of low slides and climbing equipment; and the presence of other play equipment typically aimed at younger children. Playgrounds that contain these elements may be regarded as Playgrounds of Concern if they are located near potential hazards.

Playgrounds of Concern are not assumed to be dangerous playgrounds: the quality of their play equipment is not being discussed. These playgrounds are highlighted because, in the opinion of the nominating parents, they do not provide a safe space for young children to play, because of their proximity to elements that the nominating parents regard as hazardous. Typically this involves one or more of the three main hazards identified by Kiwi Play Safe as putting younger children at risk in public: traffic; water; and dogs.

In the opinion of Kiwi Play Safe, Playgrounds of Concern may not be an appropriate place for a sole caregiver to supervise more than one child. However, this is not a criticism of individual playgrounds themselves: they may provide excellent play opportunities if a family can visit with sufficient adults to closely supervise their children.

If you know of a playground for younger children that, because of its proximity to potential hazards, would qualify it as a Playground of Concern, please contact Kiwi Play Safe with the relevant details (specific location; why you believe the playground should be included, etc).

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