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Playgrounds with fencing

This page links to our lists of Fenced Playgrounds and Partially Fenced Playgrounds, organised by location:

We only include playgrounds that are free to access, and open to the public. We haven’t chosen to include playgrounds provided for customers of cafés or restaurants.

Although we haven’t visited all of the playgrounds on the lists, but in many cases quotes about specific playgrounds have been provided by the parents who have nominated them. When we’ve been to the playgrounds ourselves, we’ve noted our own comments.

Being on a fenced or partially-fenced playground list doesn’t necessarily mean that a playground is going to provide a great play experience for your children. We’re not trying to critique the quality of the play equipment itself: we’ve just noted what we know about fencing at these playgrounds.

A few things to note about these playgrounds:

 Fenced Playground is one that is fully and securely fenced, as far as we are aware. This means that the playground is surrounded by a fence that can’t be climbed by a typical child under the age of five, and has gates that close securely and can’t typically be opened by young children.

Partially Fenced Playground is typically fenced on two or three sides. In many cases the parents who have nominated these playgrounds believe that they should be fully fenced, and where appropriate we’ve noted the information they’ve provided about the nearby hazards. A typical example of a Partially Fenced Playground is a beach playground that is fenced towards the road, but open towards the beach. These playgrounds can be a good choice if you want a reasonably safe place for your children to play, but might not be suitable if you have determined runners, or if you have any mobility issues that could make it difficult to chase down a young child.

Although Fenced and Partially Fenced Playgrounds might be reasonably expected to provide some degree of safety and security, we accept no liability for playgrounds on these lists that do not live up to expectations – but if you do visit one of these playgrounds and discover that the fencing is damaged, inadequate, or significantly different to what our information has suggested, please let us know so we can update our listings accordingly.

Finally, please remember that caregivers who take their children to any Fenced Playgrounds or Partially Fenced Playgrounds must still provide suitable care and supervision at all times.

If you know of a Fenced Playground or Partially Fenced Playground that we haven’t mentioned, please use our Contact page to send us the details, or get in touch via Facebook.

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